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Customize Tally to a suite in exactly the way your business

Customization of Tally software becomes necessary in every part of the business & technology, and because of this technology development most of the organizations tend to customize their software as per their requirement and to be incorporated into standard Tally software. Customization is the process of fitting the chosen Tallyprime, Tallyprime Server software to the needs of a specific organization. Business efficiency & productivity demands change in business processes, securities & controls, MIS, Security & Approvals at various levels, integration of different functions & updates.

The default Tally Tallyprime, Tallyprime Server comes with a powerful functionalities & feature which is incorporated 90% of the businesses process & system. The balance unique requirements can be incorporated by customizing Tally. Whenever the processes represented in the Tally software differ significantly from the processes used by the firm one has two options. The first is to build the organizational process into the Tally software through customization. The second one is to change the practice followed by the firm to suit the process native to the Tally software.

Benefits of customization in Tally Software

Tally Customization Process

Unnati Info Services closely interact with the customers, understand their business nature, functions, specific needs, processes & systems. Then we checks how much of the requirement can be fulfilled by using the default functionality of the Tally software. If there is any other requirement, it is identified, study, analysis and taken up for Tally Customisation. In a way we make ensure that the customer takes maximum advantage of Tally strengths.

Tally Customization can involve the following.

Security & Control Management / Putting more security & control at field level or transaction level.