Add on Modules

Auto Backup

The module has option to take the backup automatic twice a day. No manual intervene is required to take the Daily backup of Tally data. This application auto creates folder of backup with the Date & Time.

Voucher Approval – Lite

At multi user environment, admin has to set the security as per user specific. This module restricts the user to create / alter as per defined security.

Voucher Approval – Pro

Vouchers will be reflected to book of accounts / inventory, once it is approved by authorized personnel only. Administrator has to set the rights for users who can authorize the voucher at Voucher Type level. Users will be intimated for the Verification / Approval via Email. Amount slab can be provided for the Verification / Approval.

Voucher History / Audit Trail

There are many chances that users alter the transactions or masters unknowingly and the figures / ledgers get changed. To track the alteration / changes done by the users this module will generate the report by whom and at what date/time alter/changes have been done.

Party Address Book

User will get the Address Book along with full details at a One click of a Button. The same can be exported into Excel or PDF for reference.

Broker Module

At Sales and Credit Note level, user can select the Broker and on that basis commission report will be calculated. Broker-wise Sales and Outstanding is also available

Sales Person wise Sales Report

If there are Sales Person and need to tag them in the Sales Transaction, then this module is useful. User will have option to view the report for particular Sales Person

Sales Person wise Sales Summary

Sales persons are tag in the Sales Transaction and Sales Person-wise Sales Summary report can be view

Recycle Bin for Deleted transaction

Sometimes, users by mistake delete the transactions and it gets disappear. With this module, if any user deletes the transaction it will be sent to Recycle bin and again you can restore that Transaction.

Digital Signature Invoice with Auto Email

This module prints the Digital Signature of the Authorised Person on Tax Invoice. Option to print Original / Duplicate Tag. Auto Email option available to mail the Invoice directly to Party

Auto Email of Document

Once the document is saved, system will generate the Document in PDF format and will send to the Email id fed in Party Master.

SMS Module

Get a Digital touch to the Customer, Sales Executives, and Employees with the help of this Module. 0 > 5000 :- 0.75 paise per SMS 5001 To 10000 :- 0.65 paise per SMS

Tax Invoice with Outstanding Amount

Sales Invoice will be printed along with Outstanding Amount of the Debtors.

Tax Invoice with Outstanding Bill-wise

While printing Tax Invoice, Bill-Wise details can be printed for that particular customer.

Brand-wise Party-wise Item-wise sales for specific period

A report will be generated which will show permutation and combination of Item sold to which Party and of which Brand.

Scan File Attachment

Now you can keep Important Documents scanned and attached to the vouchers in Tally. Any file with any size can be attached to the voucher. Anytime you can view attached file for references

Indent Order / Pre-Purchase

This is required for the Manufacturing companies wherein the floor requirement goes to Store Keeper / Purchaser and they send the Indent to the Company’s Authorized Vendors for purchasing / buying materials. The indent module helps to track of the material quotation and generates Comparision report and from that Authorized Personnel select the vendor and raise the Purchase Order.

Documentary Expiry Module

To make the reminder to users for the upcoming important Document / Licences / Registrations expiry, this module will prompt well in advance for the renewals.

Control on Negative Stocks

At the Sales / Stock Transfer transactions users won’t be able to create the transactions due to unavailability of stock in the system.

Tolerance of Order Stock Item Qty at Sales / Purchase Level

There is possibility that the Order raised and in return we may receive more than the Order placed. The system will keep control with the Tolerance percentage provided at Stock Item Master.

Auto Entry

A reciprocate entry will be generated. If Sales entry is created in response auto Purchase entry will be generated. Same will be applicable for Payment Receipt entry.

Credit Days with grace period & Amount Control

Grace period facility allows user to generate Invoice if there is Control on Value or Days.

Cost Centre wise BS & PL

Cost Centres are created to keep record of Branches or Factory. And user capture Cost Centres at the entry level and on those basis users can view Branch wise P & L account.

Selected Sales Vouchers Print

In sales register if users wish to print the selected vouchers, he can. The user has to select the voucher with Space Bar and system will print the invoices in sequence.

Selected Sales Vouchers Auto Email

In sales register if users wish to Email the selected vouchers, he can. The user has to select the voucher with Space Bar and system will mail the invoices in sequence

Price List import from Excel To Tally.ERP 9

A specific Price List format can be uploaded to Tally. No need to do manual update in Price List.

4GSTR2A Reconciliation with Auto Email

Loading Sheet (Option for Selected Vouchers)

While despatching finished goods, Ware house keeper need loading sheet to remove the material from the stores. Users can select the vouchers from sales register and generate Loading Sheet for Warehouse Keeper.