Tally Integration

Tallyprime, Tallyprime Server has the capability to integrate with other hardware devices. Businesses use several hardware devices like weighing machines, biometric systems for attendance, milk density meters, RFID scanners, etc., and these can be directly integrated with the Tally Software to bring higher effectiveness & productivity
Tally Integration
Data Conversion
Overview : At the highest of levels data conversion/migration is defined as the process of translating data from one format to another. It involves the planning of steps and mapping of data fields to convert one set/type of data into a different, more desired, format. Present data conversions and/or migrations will be performed due to switch over to new software. Planning for a data conversion/migration also requires reviewing existing business processes, organizational policies and procedures, security, etc
Data Conversion tools can be used to convert/migrate accounting data from crystal report / excel to Tally.ERP 9. Users can easily configure and implement this data conversion using the tool. Using XML and ODBC different types of data will be converted / migrated Often the successful implementation of a new system is dependent upon the ability to convert data from the old system to the new system. Converting and migrating data often involves both software and human intervention. This is especially true when migrating data contained within a database. We will use other software to assist the effort, develop our own in-house solution, or uses humans to do the work manually is dependent upon the systems and data types being converted.
Basic Practices
  1. The original and target sources and formats
  2. The original and target sources and formats
  3. Any cross-reference complexities
  1. Formatting of data elements
  2. Data completeness