E-Invoice in TallyPrime

E-Invoice in TallyPrime

The GST Council had supported B2B E-invoicing in a phased way from Jan 2020. According to their most recent notice, the limit is Set to Rs.10 Cr from 01/10/2022 (i.e) for any enlisted Business with total turnover exceeding Rs.10 Crores in any FY 2017-18 onwards needs to give E- Invoice from 1st October 2022

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What is E-Invoice?

Electronic Invoicing (e-invoicing) is a electronically generated invoice document between a supplier and a buyer in a specified format.

The benefits related to digital invoice

E-invoicing, or digital invoicing, streamlines bill control and simplifies how bill and compliance files paintings together.

By digitizing bill facts and matching it in opposition to contracts, buy orders, carrier access sheets, and items receipts, e-invoicing reduces the chance of bill mistakes and exceptions.

When e-invoices are transmitted over a virtual enterprise network, and programmed with associated record facts and enterprise rules, they may be verified robotically earlier than posting for price. And due to the fact virtual facts is extra without problems regarded throughout structures than paper sitting on someone’s desk, e-invoicing makes it less complicated to:

  • Manage bulky compliance responsibilities from a dashboard.
  • Facilitate collaboration inside the company and amongst buying and selling partners 
  • Maximize early-price reductions and optimize operating capital
  • Lower the chance of overpayment and fraud
  • Improve coins glide for providers with extra well timed price


How Will the E-Invoice be generated

The E-Invoice in TallyPrime will remain generated in your very own billing / accounting software program. Your software program will then send this data to an Invoice Registration Portal (IRP), with a purpose to generate a completely unique Invoice Registration Number (IRN), Acknowledgement No. & Ack Date along with QR code.  Without these details, a bill will not be a valid document.

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